Montag, 17. September 2007

Bread-Apple Pudding

When I dropped by at Sefa's home & saw her bread-apple pudding ... I was drooling right away. So, I run to my kitchen and made this pudding rite away ^_^ , hehe..I was lucky coz I got all need in my fridge. The smell from this pudding when it was baked in the oven was sooo tempting..sniff sniff..olala..can't wait to grab & eat it. And...this pudding is sooooo yummyyy. I made a bit change for the ingredients & the way to make it. Thanks a bunch my dearest Sefa!
8 toast bread (size 9x9cm)
300 ml fresh milk
3 Eggs
3,5 tablespoon sugar (original recipe used 5 tbs sugar)
1 teaspoon cinnamon powder
1 teaspoon vanilla powder ( I use vanilla sugar instead)
1 Apple (granny smith) (I use 2-3 small apples)
- Put egg & milk in a bowl then lightly beaten using whisker.
- Add toast breads & let it soft, beat it slowly with whisker until well blended & become a dough.
- Add sugar, cinnamon & vanilla then stir it well, pour the raisin in the dough.
- Pour the dough in a greased baking/casserole dish, then arranged the apples on top of it.
- baked in preheated oven (180C) for 30-45 minutes


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