Sonntag, 9. September 2007

Colourful Soup

Why is it called as colourful soup? ^_* Well, actually I don't know exactly how to call it as there were so many stuff in it, and i think it's better to call it as it is. But for sure this soup is yummy, healthy and very easy to make :-)
Thanks to my mom for the recipe :-)

1 liter water
2 chicken thighs
6 chicken sausages
4 carrots
1 can sweet corn (300gr)
chicken meat balls as you desired
celery stalk

3-5 garlic, bruised & chopped
1 big onion, cut in slices
salt & pepper
ground nutmeg

- boiled water & chicken thighs until the fat from the chicken coming out. Then set aside the chicken, cut it in cubes or as you desired.
- add the garlics & onion and let it boiled, then add the rest ingredients except the chicken & let it boiled. Then add seasoning & stir well.
- at last, add the chicken & boiled it once again.
- Remove the soup from the heat & serve it warm :-)

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