Donnerstag, 27. März 2008

Banana Yoghurt Pudding

Frankly speaking...I hate banana..LOL! The reason why I made this pudding was for my contribution in a monthly food event. Since I don't eat banana, my hubby is the victim for my trial ^_^. Thank God he doesnt' have any problem eating banana. he said it was delicious & really moist.

350 gr plain yoghurt
200 gr whipped cream
7 gr vanilli sugar
3 tablespoon sugar / as you desired
85 gr banana gelatine
1 cup evaporated milk
2-3 bananas, cut in slices
7 gr agar-agar or jelly

- In a pan, mix sugar, vanilli sugar, condensed milk and cook until it simmer then set aside
- add the gelatine into the milk mixture, then stir it well
- beat whipped cream then mixed with yoghurt, add 3/4 of banana slices
- then pour the gelatine-milk mixture into yoghurt mixture, stir well & slowly, set aside
- cook agar-agar / jelly based on the package instruction
- Prepare some glasses or molds, arange banana slices on the bottom then pour agar2 on it slowly using tablespoon (2-3 tablespoon), let it a little bit firm then pour yoghurt on it.
- keep in the frigde and let them firm until the serving time


Elsye hat gesagt…

Kekekek ini rasanya kayak gimana Na, banana di kasih yogurt...tapi keliatan seger juga yaa..kapan2 aku coba ahh...

Retno Prihadana hat gesagt…

Na, aku suka banget fotomu ini, keren abis. Yoghurt sama banana....hmmm belum kebayang rasanya kayaknya musti nyicip bikinanmu dulu Na.Kalo kirsch banana saft (beli) dah coba..enak :))